Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game time!!

I know I have talked a lot of shit about my job in the past year or so, but there are some very good aspects of it. Sure there are a couple people here who make me cringe on a daily basis with their crazy antics, but there are also a couple people who are genuinely nice and sweet and I really couldn’t say anything bad about them if I tried.

I called in sick yesterday because my stomach hates me and I also called in sick last Tuesday because stress had gotten the better of me and I pretty much lost my mind. So that’s two Tuesdays in a row that I called in sick.
At my last job that would have warranted a call to the President’s office and a good talking to and maybe a warning that if it happened again to pack up my desk.

Because of this I was 100% ready to be called into the CFO’s office to be told that that was unacceptable and I had my reasoning all ready to go. But, surprises of surprises, that didn’t happen! Instead, people are actually asking me if I’m feeling better and nobody is telling me I need to work overtime to make up for my time away. It’s so amazing to work with people who actually believe you when you call in to say your stomach is attacking itself in a horrible form of self destruction.

Anyways, enough about that now it’s time for a little game I call “Fuck, Marry, or Throw off a cliff”. For the boys I present a Dancing with the Stars edition:

And for the girls we have a vampire themed edition:

I know Sam isn’t a vampire, but I have such a crush on him and I wish Sookie would be with him instead because she has no future with a vampire. Hello?! Bill has to do whatever the sheriff of Area 5 tells him and she will never be able to eat breakfast with him and he can’t eat pizza. Need I go on? So tell me – who would you fuck, marry, and throw off a cliff?
I would marry Sam as I said earlier - you can't have a future with a vampire! I would fuck Bill because who doesn't love hot vampire sex? Theoretically of course. And I would throw Edward off a cliff, but that's only because I haven't had time to read Twilight yet. I'm probably the only one left who hasn't read it...


SS+1 said...

I don't know who the three guys are...I'm SO out of the loop!! BUT, if I had to pick, I'd Do the first one, Toss the second, and Marry the third :) (judging on pure looks alone)

Kristen said...

I would throw all of them off the cliff.

I'm just really an Alex O Laughlin kind of girl.

Glad you're feeling better there sweetie.

Matt said...

Thanks for throwing in some hot chicks!!

Nobody ever thinks about the guys and what we like to see!!

rs27 said...

I'm not throwing any of those girls off a cliff.

I make my own rules.

Anonymous said...

the name of the game totally confused me, and then i realized it was a Choice. Hmmmm. definitely the 3rd. the second one (aka Cedric from the 4th HP) kind of freaks me out because he actually looks like those weird geometric character drawing on the book covers. does that make any sense? his face is very bone-y.

glad you're feeling better!

So@24 said...

Dear Santa,

Please bring me all the girls listed in this post.


Heather said...

I haven't watched True Blood at all (probably should) so I would just pick Edward. Since I have read the books I have become one of those creepy late 20s women in love with a fictional 17 year old...

Jessica said...

That's so awesome about your job. Where do you work again?

I am always nervous to take days off from work and such for the very same reason.

stoogepie said...

Where I work, I just don't show up sometimes. But I always go in when I'm sick. Otherwise, I would have nobody to complain to. Also, why waste a sick day at home when I can waste it at work?

I would fuck all the women at the same time while they do lezzy stuff to one another. Assuming that death by dismemberment while being squished by a Zamboni® is out of the question, I would throw all the guys off a cliff.

Is that how this game works? It would have been a little more challenging if, say, I could only fuck each of the women in one orifice and had to decide which. Or something like that.

So, did I win? Do you need my address or something so you know where to send the women?

MizFit said...


Id toss all off a cliff too.

what does THAT say about me?!


surviving myself said...

I'd both those women, and throw Burke off a cliff. She always bugs me, maybe it's the fake tits, I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you!

Sam is, well, he's friggin' hot! So what if he runs across the forest naked. So what if he's kinda creepy and rolls around in a dead woman's bed. That man is fine, and human. I'd marry him.

I also didn't read "Twilight" (so you're clearly not the only one), so off a cliff he goes. Bill ... I mean, I don't wanna get bit, like Sookie, but I'm down for the dirty dirty sex and some cuddle time in the tub.

...Oh, can I also throw Brooke Burke off a cliff? Is that allowed?

No. Well, my ex and I dated 3 years, and for the first year of our relationship, he had a door-sized poster of her ... naked ... on the back of his bedroom door, which was on my side of the bed. Every morning I woke up, it was "hello Brooke, goodbye self-esteem."

Now can I? Awesome, thanks. Maegan said...

since I haven't read Twilight yet I don't know any of those boys, I'm going to play the game with the girls. :)

I'd Fuck the blonde, Marry Brook and throw that other one off a cliff.

...and seriously, if my stomach is a mess, I'm TOTALLY calling in sick. Fun post!

Jay said...

How high is the cliff? Because throwing them off the cliff and then fucking them sounds perfect for guys like me who just want a quiet girl.

Jamie said...

Read Twilight and your feelings will change. He's fucking hot and you will have a crush on him hahah