Monday, October 20, 2008


I have to be honest with you…I lied last week. Only a little. Just a teensy eensy baby lie. Here’s some context so you are not completely lost…first there was a comment from rs27:

Captain America and that outfit is perfect for a USA party. Or just dress as
Betsy ross. She was a hip hip lady.

Then there is my reply:

Strangely enough I have a friend who has a Betsy Ross costume so that would be
This comment really pissed somebody off and that somebody would be Tits McGee. When I got to the “America Rocks!” party Saturday night I was accosted by her yelling, “I do NOT have a Betsy Ross costume. It is amish. AMISH!”

She then insisted I make a big announcement to make sure that everybody knows that it is an Amish costume. After that I ventured into Mike’s bathroom where I found some valium, which I crushed in her drink. That way we could make fun of the black eye she received playing dodgeball (I’m telling you sports are dangerous) and continually ask her if she was a victim of domestic violence without her telling us to shut up or worse throwing a beer bottle at us in exasperation. Nobody wastes a drop of booze on my watch.

Soooo…just to be clear…Tits owns an Amish costume (that she made herself – hand sewn and with no zippers so it is authentic) and, despite past confusion, it is not a Betsy Ross costume. Honestly, she wore it to a Halloween party a couple years ago and everyone thought she was Besty Ross. I’m not completely crazazy.

Also, I have to say I was quite disappointed in people’s costumes at the party or maybe I should say lack of costumes. Some people weren’t even wearing red, white, or blue! I mean COME ON! By far Chuckles and I had the best costumes, except Mike of course who was wearing a shirt with a flag and an eagle and around the flag it said, “Freedom is not free.” So eloquent.

Also, talk about my disappointment at seeing Tits wasn’t sporting her Amish costume especially after we quizzed Mike and one of the questions dealt with how people came to America for religious freedom – Hello?! The Amish?! So disappointed.


Bayjb said...

I find that others didn't use the party as the perfect opportunity to dress up very disappointing. I'm glad you and Chuckles were the best dressed

Anonymous said...

Betsy Ross. Amish.... yah. thats probably about the same. Except that maybe people weren't "amish" during Betsy's time? And she wore colors? hmmmm. who knows.
sounds like it was fun though!

Alexa said...

dude back in betsy ross's day everyone looked amish! ha

Dingo said...

Maybe if she had a horse and buggy it would have made the Amish costume more convincing.

And when are we going to see pics of said party?

ÄsK AliCë said...

As someone who takes every opportunity to dress up very seriously I am sad to hear of the non-participation

THat's hilarious that she made the costume authentic (no zippers lol)

Kristen said...

I freaking love that you call your friend Tits McGee!


She needs a valium though.

Megkathleen said...

Bayjb - I know. I think I'll have a costume party and if people show up in lame costume I'll turn the garden hose on them.

Heatherdc - I agree. People just aren't that smart, therefore, they can't tell the difference between Amish and Betsy Ross.

Alexa - Exactly! I'm sure it didn't help that she was carrying around an American flag the whole time. Ok, she wasn't carrying it around, but if she had it would have been funny.

Dingo - I'll let her know. I'll post pictures as soon as I get off my ass and upload them. I'd give it about 6 months.

Ask Alice - I know! And it was so easy to do even a half assed costume. Also, when we walked in everybody gave us that look like, "Are you kidding me? Somebody was lame enough to dress up?" So I yelled, "Suck it bitches!" Not really, but I should have.

Kristen - I love that she comments as Tits McGee. Hilarious. When she was yelling at the party I yelled back, "I got it Tits!" She didn't like that. I can only call her Tits on the blog. I also tried to cop a feel and she didn't like that either. Hence the valium.

WeightingGame said...

dressing up as "the Amish" for Halloween - so random!!

stoogepie said...

I love Tits! I just had to say that.

This is really unfair. If I dressed up as an Amish dude for Halloweeny, everyone would just think I was dressed as an old homeless dude in a bad suit. But I bet Tits was hot in her Betsy-Ross-esque Amish outfit.

No zippers: too sexy. You really don't want for me to say more about that.

Tits McGee said...

Wow. A whole entry for the correction?? Thanks!! Did you really put valium in my drink??? That's so wrong. Maybe you want to borrow my Amish dress sometime? I might loan it to you. It's not really a costume though, it's a way of life. Get it right. I don't only wear it on Halloween. And that year that that guy thought I was Betsy Ross someone else asked me if I was with the "Amish pimp," so apparently there is some guy out there dressed as an "Amish pimp." Disgusting.