Thursday, May 20, 2010

Back Injury

I’m back to blogging about running. I am inspired by other running bloggers plus I recently injured my back again and have been sidelined from exercising for several weeks now. I finally got desperate enough to go to a chiropractor (I’ve always been distrustful of them). The first thing he told me is that my left leg is shorter than my right resulting in this weird twisty thing that happens when I run, which is most likely the cause of all the back problems I have had.

Anyway, I am already feeling better after last night’s adjustment, but I still had to take some pain meds this morning. I am REALLY hoping that after tonight’s appointment I can run this weekend. I am going absolutely and completely nutso not exercising. AND to make it worse I have been feeling so crummy that I’ve been turning to food.

So today I am going back to very strict calorie counting and attempting to have a more positive attitude about the whole situation.