Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What happens when I get bored

I had my first marketing class last night. It was boring. Very very boring. First of all, the professor, who was probably in his mid-fifties, showed up in a polo shirt with a popped collar so I already hate him. While I was there I got tired of doodling and instead started writing whatever crossed my mind…anything to keep myself awake. Here’s my notes for your entertainment:

5:33 – I can’t believe I’m going to miss Dancing with the Stars just to spend three hours reviewing the homework.

5:41 – People are stupid.

5:46 – I hate people who don’t raise their hands to talk (When the class is graded on participation and you interrupt other people who haven’t had a chance to speak you’re what people call a Douchebag.)

5:43 – I forgot to bring dinner to work…soooooo hungry. I’m so hungry I actually feel sick to my stomach.

5:52 – Shut. Your. Mouth. What did I say about not interrupting people?!

5:58 – Am I really in graduate school? I only wonder because it appears to me that we’re spending three hours going over homework that consisted of reading comprehension questions.

6:05 – I really need to get my bangs trimmed. They look like a hot tranny mess. (Did I use that in the right way? I really don’t know what it means.)

6:11 – Remember in movies how kids always read comic books hidden behind their school books. I need to figure out a way to work that in this class. I should follow the example of the kid sitting next to me who’s instant messaging friends.

6:17– My bladder is going to explode. Maybe I should stop with this and start writing a will.

6:23 – I wonder what would happen if I started to cry from boredom…I think I’m about to find out.

6:37 – I should come up with a new catchphrase. How ‘bout Shazam? I might have stole that from somebody else…I lack all creativity skills.

6:41 – Stomach growling loudly. People looking around trying to locate noise.

6:47 – Oh dear God. I’m so hungry. Please make it stop. Now I’m whimpering and this can only mean that nobody will want to be in a group with the weird whimpering girl.

6:53 – Just because somebody else is willing to do something does NOT justify an action! Why is this so hard to understand?!

6:59 – People are so stupid.

7:06 – Raise your fucking hand or shut your mouth.

7:11 – My classmates are so unethical it boggles the mind. This is why markets need to be regulated because I can tell you first hand that business students are NOT ethical. They have no morals. None.

7:17 – This, my friends, is why I always have food in my car. Just had a break and was able to run out to the car and grab cheezits. I’m so happy right now.

7:26 – Less than an hour left in class. Shazam! Does it work?

Apparently, this is the point where I passed out…either that or was too distracted by the cheezits to write. I really hope the next class isn’t this boring – I just can’t handle it. I’m afraid of what kind of harm I might possibly inflict on myself if I have to relive this again.


Matt said...

I was going to comment something funny...

but then you mentioned cheezits and I cant think of anything else anymore.

Dingo said...

I think you should use "Shazam" as a curse. Whenever anyone speaks without raising their hand, point at them and yell "Shazam!"

You may still end up in a group by yourself but it would be because of something memorable instead of because you were a wimpering whiny woman with pee running down your leg.

So@24 said...

Reading comic books behind texts only happened in the movies?

What have I been doing all these years?

Kristen said...

School sucks man.

I actually Have cried from boredom.

I cannot recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Hahhaha--I was wondering what hot tranny mess meant too the other day. They have something about it on Urban Dictionary. Well, I hope your other classes are not nearly as dull--and I second the IM/Facebook/Blogging idea. Class will go by so much faster.

Angela said...

I feel likt this on my 8hr work days on Thursday. Which starts RIGHT after my three-hour, 8:00am lab. Ugh.

Bayjb said...

I cannot believe your professor pops his collar. That's such a tool-move.

Alexa said...

looks like your teacher is trying to "fit in" with his students!

i thought about going back to school then i realized i hated school.

BUT i give you serious props for doing it : )

Megkathleen said...

Matt - There should be a warning on the box about how addictive they are.

Dingo - Good advice. I really don't want people to remember as the girl who smells like urine.

so@24 - I think the question should be What have I been doing all these years?!

Kristen - Good to know.

Thespottedottoman - I think this quarter will be the first time I'll have to bring my laptop to class. I've always hated people who do that and yet my classes right now are beyond boring.

Angela - I know! These 11 hour days are killer. When I get home I just want to crawl under the covers and suck my thumb.

Bayjb - Exactly. It's very disturbing.

Alexa - I know and all he would really have to do is give us all A's to fit in.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting train of thought. Very similar to the way my Media Law class went back in the day ... maybe that's why I had to take it twice. Oops.

Angela said...

You are one of the only people I know who isn't from California who agrees with me about Disneyland being better!!! You pretty much made my day.

Jamie said...

I read popped collar and couldn't read anymore. I just couldn't get past the douchey-ness!

I hate those.

Arjewtino said...

Mid-50s and a popped collar?

Get out, for the love of god, get out.

Megkathleen said...

Amindinmotown - Oh man I hope I don't have to take this class twice. Marketing isn't really my strongsuit so it's a possibility.

Angela - You made my day when you said you hated catchup. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

Jamie - I had a hard time getting past it too. I was very tempted to get up and walk out of the classroom.

Arjewtino - I know. I can't wait to see what he's wearing next week!