Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Be Present

Do you like how I’ve stooped to stealing ideas from other bloggers? This particular blogger being Mizfit. It is just that her post yesterday really hit home with me so I decided to STEAL HER IDEA. Mwahahahaha.

Anycrap, Mizfit was talking about being in the moment, which is a tough one for me. As I have said before, and by said before I mean gone on ad nauseum, I am a busy chick. I have this bad habit of always having this long running list in my head of what needs to be done and as a result I am never actually thinking about what I’m doing at that very moment. This tends to be quite overwhelming and I am slowly learning to embrace the advice of one baby step at a time and screw multi tasking.

This is especially apropos this week because I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown Monday night because this is my week off of school and yet I have found ZERO time to workout and it is making me feel like shit. In reality, there is nothing I can do about it so I should just embrace the things I’m doing instead of spending the whole time thinking about what I’m not doing…I’m just rambling now aren’t I? Since I know I am not the only one who is a busy bee what do you guys do to remain sane while in the midst of a hectic schedule? For me every time I start to feel overwhelmed I am going to chant my new mantra, “Be Present.”

On a completely unrelated note, I just received an email from my bestest friend from college who lives in Seabrook, TX which is right on the coast of Galveston Bay. As you can probably imagine things aren’t going so well for her and it’s not just that her fantasy football team isn’t performing well. I feel helpless and am not sure what to say to make her feel better so I am going to do the only thing I know how to do: send her a care package. But I need ideas on what to send her! I want to send her something fun to try and cheer her up – maybe something to entertain her and her fiancé since they will be out of power for approximately the next three weeks.


Matt said...

I drink alot of alcohol...LIKE INSANE AMOUNTS

that helps keep me in the moment.

Anonymous said...

What about those little fans that are battery operated? Chocolate can melt in transit, but home made cookies are generally welcomed. They might have a hard time finding batteries, so maybe those, and books? Or maybe s'mores supplies since they can probably still have a small campfire outside at night?

That was a random throw of things, but I actually had to spend most of the day yesterday shopping for supplies to send to my husband's parents' Houston office because most of the stores are pretty shut down still. Craziness.

Kristen said...


You didn't tell me your blog was back!

Welcome back, my little fancy pants!

Anonymous said...

I sleep a lot. You can do more if you're well rested. And it gives your mind a break as well. What helps too is drinking green tea (and remembering to live in the present and relax) and singing along to my favourite songs. Or just taking a walk outside. Take little breaks, it'll help.

Dingo said...

I have a friends in the area and they are going to call tomorrow with a list of things they need. I'll drop you an email when I find out -- no, not so you can send stuff to my friends but so you can see if there's stuff on the list that you can send to yours!

As for being in the moment, I only find that when I'm running. I can't seem to slow down without feeling incredible guilt and pressure to be productive at any other time. Running keeps me sane. When I can't run (like this coming week), I'm a bitch. Well, a bigger bitch than usual.

Megkathleen said...

Matt - You so smart. Of course the booze, I've been neglecting it.

Thespottedottoman - Genius, those have been added to my list.

Kristen - I know I suck, I should've emailed people, but then I'm kinda lazy.

Wontletlifedefineme - I should try the taking little breaks and walking. Right now I tend to take little breaks by "resting my eyes" and those little breaks turn into three hour breaks.

Dingo - You're the awesomest!

stoogepie said...

What if the moment sucks? Like, say you're at work. Is it okay to live in the future then? At the very least, it should be okay to buy lottery tickets and live in your millionaire future every now and then. It's fun and relatively cheap.

As for your care package, to quote a friend who went through a similar experience a few years ago: "We're up to our eyeballs in bibles. Please send booze." Words of wisdom there. If I were without electricity, I would really want someone to send me a few graphic novels and some porno mags. And some tissues and lube. But maybe that's just me.