Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Poor, Ugly, Deformed Feet

I didn’t run as many miles this past week because I have midterms coming up, but I am still working out regularly. I am encountering a problem though. I am getting HUGE calluses on the sides of my big toes. Everything I have read on this says that I am wearing the wrong size shoe. This BLOWS because it’s not like I have a money tree in my back yard and can buy a brand new pair of running shoes when the ones I’m wearing now are only six months old.

The calluses only really hurt when I wear high heels, but I wear high heels ALL THE TIME! There is no way I am going to let running interfere with my shoe hobby. No. Way. Not to mention the calluses are making my feet look even more deformed than they already are (Chuckles has always been creeped out by my long toes)…so I need to get this fixed before summer comes. I would feel way too guilty getting a pedicure right now – nobody should have to touch my feet.

There is a place by Green Lake called Jock and Jill that I want to check out because they analyze you while you run to determine exactly what shoes you should be wearing, which is apparently what I need. Anyway, if I have any extra time in the next month or, for that matter, money just lying around just dying to be spent I’ll be heading to Jock and Jill to be told what shoes I should be wearing.


K.Line said...

Do you do yoga, by any chance? It could help... I tend towards those to calluses too. When I walk (which I do constantly) I try to think about putting the weight over all 4 edges (or corners) of my foot - large toe base, small toe base, inner neck of heel (where it meets arch) and outer neck of heel. It might help till you can get to the fancy place for a healthy foot regime?

Anonymous said...

sounds like you need to get out and plant a money tree

yet another good excuse for sitting on my butt. definitely go to the fancy store if you're going to keep running though. M does this and he's not even an avid runner. that and most people wear running shoes WAAAY longer than you should, you may want to look into that. i forget how many miles you're supposed to put on them before they're worn-out but i'm sure it's all googleable.

Anonymous said...

Eh, at least yours is a curable problem, right?

I have poor circulation to my feet - an actual genetic disorder, unforunately - so my right foot is swollen about 3/4 of the year. So no pretty shoes or heels just about ever. =/

See, it could be worse! Ha. (I'm just trying to joke around. I'm serious about my foot problem, but so not trying to make you feel bad. I swear it.)

alixrose said...

I run once in awhile too and my feet hate it but I don't pay them any mind. I still run and I still wear heels.
Thanks for commenting on my closet resolutions, if you come up with one let me know.
Also you should come down the event am hosting this thursday!