Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lack of Motivation

I am feeling incredibly unmotivated lately. Is unmotivated even a word? Well, whatever, it is now. I’m unmotivated in EVERY aspect of my life too. School, exercise, work, blogging, etc etc. See! I’m even unmotivated when it comes to listing what it is I’m unmotivated towards.

The point is I need to get back on track. This whole sitting in front of the tv snacking for hours on end must STOP.

What do you all do to get your butts in gear? OR if you want to be lazy like me go ahead and peruse this hipster puppy tumblr I stumbled upon this morning: http://hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com/. OR take this color career test: http://www.careerpath.com/career-tests/. Which just happens to be the second career test I’ve taken in the past two months that says I should be a secretary.


Losing It said...

I would love to answer that but am currently in the same situation. What motivates me right now is the thought of moving to Portland next April. It helps me remember that this current shitty situation isn't forever.

Kate said...

I think I will be motivated when the sun comes out and I have to contemplate putting on a swimsuit. Until then, I eat m and ms.

Anonymous said...

career tests always tell me i should be a receptionist, teacher, or lawyer. um, yah...
i'm sure the color test will be no different

K.Line said...

I want some test to tell me I should be a socialite. Where's that career path, I ask you?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Like Losing It, I'm in that exact spot right now, so as soon as you figure out how exactly I can get my ass off the couch and back in gear - my Christmas tree is still up, yep, it's that bad - I'd love to know.

Meg Kathleen said...

Losing It - Ooooohhhhh, Moving to Portland? So exciting! We'll only be 4 hours away from each other! Portland rocks - you'll love it.

Notsojenny - I'm just going to continue taking as many as I can til I get the answer I want.

K. Line - Good point! Or Trophy Wife. Why can't I get that one?

Amindinmotown - I'll let you know what I find out. So far I've got nothin'...

Jane said...

The career test told me I should be a package designer. Hrm.

Dingo said...

Sometimes we just need to sit around on our butts snacking and watching TV. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Her said...


Based on these:

* Active Learning
* Complex Problem Solving
* Critical Thinking
* Judgment and Decision Making
* Negotiation
* Social Perceptiveness
* Speaking
* Writing


* Communications and Media
* Design
* English Language
* Fine Arts
* History and Archeology
* Law and Government
* Philosophy and Theology
* Sociology and Anthropology

I should be a coroner or a dishwasher. Hahah--I'm suspecting that a career change might be in order.

miss esther said...

Hi Meg,
I was feeling the same way about work for the past year. What's helped me is blogging which is something new. I think doing something creative always helps me get off my butt and talking to someone whose opinion you trust and respect.

Matt said...

HA, Hipster puppies are awesome. And so retro.

and ironic.

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

Did you figure out how to snap out of it yet? Because I am right there with you. UGH.