Thursday, February 4, 2010

She could talk to dolphins!!

I’m part of a book club and several months ago somebody picked Twilight as our book of the month. We try and choose a variety: some classics, nonfiction, modern fiction, etc. Anyway, somebody decided to throw mindless fiction in there. Not that I really have a problem with that because it was an easy read and I had a good time making fun of it and the movie, which we watched as a group while drinking red wine. I also enjoyed reading parts out loud to Chuckles forcing him to leave the room therefore leaving the couch all to myself. Jackpot.

We ended up getting into a discussion about what romantic books/movies we were overly obsessed with when we were teenagers. Of course, the typical answer for somebody my age is Titanic, but I only saw Titanic once and could barely follow the plot thanks to the incredibly annoying girl sitting in front of me who was crying so hard she had hiccups.

So here’s my confession: my obsession was with a book called The Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L’Engel. Here is how I described it to my friends: “ It’s about a teenage girl on her summer vacation who can communicate with dolphins and there are three different guys fighting over her: the college guy, the rich guy, and the boy next door. AND she’s NERDY.”

Of course, my friends were doubtful about the whole talking to dolphins aspect of it, but I’m telling you it was AWESOME. Apparently, there was a whole other story line about her grandpa dying and, well, actually, death seems to be a theme in the book. But I completely overlooked the boring death parts for the BOYS. AND it was apparently made into a TV movie starring Mischa Barton. I’m kicking myself for missing that one.

Did anyone else have a similar Twilight obsession when they were a teenager?


Anonymous said...

hmm, i didn't read alot of books if they weren't assigned to me for a grade. but i do remember everyone being completely obsessed with Babysitters Club... i however dove head first into Sweet Valley High. literature at it's finest.
then again i think was pre-tween age... i have no idea what i did to entertain myself for those years.

Bayjb said...

Oh Titanic. I remember skipping school so I could go see it. I think my favorite romantic movie had to be The Princess Bride. I mean, SWOON

alixrose said...

I had a new obsession every week, but I did have a obsessive love for Leo Dicaprio but that wasnt because of titanic it was because of Romeo and Juliet. Ugh the first time his face hits the screen, I fell and I fell hard. So much so my friends even made me a shirt with his name on it.. I still have it.

Missed you at the event, it was a lot of fun... maybe next time.
And yes I want a retro bathing suit too!