Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Pretty Much My Favorite Animal

I hope everybody had a fabulous weekend. I was quite busy studying for a business law test I have tonight and watching the Hawks get their asses kicked. I didn’t get to go to any rocking Halloween parties because I’m an old lady who doesn’t leave the house if it’s later than eight instead I spent all day at a coffee shop in downtown Edmonds inhaling caffeine and memorizing the different legal defenses for negligence.

While I didn’t get to get all dressed up and go to a fun party (even my Grandpa got to go to a Halloween party!) I was still able to see lots of adorable little kids. Edmonds shuts down Halloween night for kids to trick or treat and just as I was packing up my books a young family came into the coffee shop to get hot cocoas and one of their kids was dressed as a liger. I kid you not. It was the cutest little girl with blond girls and if I didn’t have a shitty camera with a broken phone I would’ve taken a picture. I just thought it was so utterly cool and original that she wasn’t a princess.

I really hope that if I have a little girl one day she doesn’t insist on being a princess. Not like I’m one to talk considering my favorite costume from when I was little was Snow White, but that’s only because I didn’t know Liger was an option.

When I left the coffee shop I could the streets were already full of families and kids ready to start the festivities. It was at that point that I realized that there is no other day in the year that quite makes me want to be a mom as much as Halloween does. I needed a quick fix of a tantrum throwing kid to get me back on track, but, unfortunately, I did not see one screaming kid all night. What are the chances of that? Seriously?

Once I got home Chuckles and I left to go see my nephews and wish Jared a happy birthday. Given the boys’ obsession with Star Wars this was the second year in a row their costumes had a Star Wars theme: Jared was Anakin Skywalker and Matthew was an Ewok. I know I’m prejudiced, but they were pretty damn cute…and funny. Every time Jared posed for a picture he put his hand up, which apparently means he is using the force on you. So that was my overly exciting Halloween, I know you’re oh so jealous. And I have to ask the question I’ve been asking everybody over the last week: what was your favorite costume growing up?


Kristen said...

My daughter wasn't a princess either. I was so proud of her for choosing to be a dog for Halloween instead.

Sadly, my favorite costume was a Barbie costume. You know the ones with the plastic mask that cut your mouth and eyes, and the silly plastic apron thing your mom made you wear over your jacket? Yeah. I loved mine.

Amanda said...

The liger sounds awesome. Sorry I didn't catch you when I stopped by to show C my cop costume. Having not dressed up since I was a kid, I apparently had a lot of enthusiasm for Halloween saved up. As for kids' costumes, C was a very cute Superman one year!

Anonymous said...

i don't have a problem with little girls being princesses (have you tried to argue with a 3yr old??) but i DO have a problem with their parents putting them in those chintzy $19.99 princess costumes from any store. i have a problem with any of those costumes i guess. i mean there are so many better ways to come up with the same costume, be creative, use better fabric, i dunno... maybe something that won't go up in flames in 5.1 seconds.

for me my mom always made our costumes (i assume that's my reason for feeling the way i do above) and she was really good at it. my favorite was probably the lobster. i mean full on crustacean suit with giant claw hands and all of the legs hanging from it, it was pretty awesome. i was a dancing flower once though, do you remember those? those things you'd buy at spencers? i got in the paper for that one so while it wasn't my favorite it was pretty damn cool.

Meg Kathleen said...

Kristen - And a unbelievably cute dog at that. And I'm cracking up imagining you in your Barbie costume.

Mandy - Thank God I have you to tell me these things. I asked C what his favorite costume was and he claimed not to remember any of his costumes. I'm bummed I missed seeing you - but the pictures on fbook looked impressive. I think you made an intimidating cop. You should wear the costume to teach one day and I'm sure none of your students would ever cheat.

Notsojenny - I'm so with you! I hate those cheesy costumes and I'm sure it's because my mom made all mine. It worries me because I'm not a sewer like my mom and I will never be able to make awesome costumes for my kids.

Anonymous said...

I didn't do anything with my Halloween either...if it makes you feel a bit better.

Oddly, I can't remember many of my costumes growing up. But in the pictures I've seen of myself, the year I was a clown was HILARIOUS! Ha. And as cliche as it is, my mom dressed my brother and I as pirates one year. We did indeed look cute. But I think I grew out of the Halloween thing at a young age - at least the dressing up for candy part. It was just too cold in Pennsylvania for me to prace around hoping for candy, and then the song and dance act sometimes to get that one Snickers bar? Meh. Not my idea of fun... I hope my kids enjoy the holiday a bit more than I did at that age.