Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adventures in Running

I don’t really have any interesting stories to share from this summer or at least none that come to mind except for this one. I started to become much more serious about increasing my miles per week this summer and increasing the lengths of my long runs. As I increased my long runs it became harder to run in Edmonds thanks to all the hills that were absolutely killing me. I’m not kidding – it wasn’t just the resulting shin splints, but the heart attack that was inevitable after running 8 miles and having the entire last mile be up a hill that made crawling seem like my best option.

So I started running the Burke-Gilman trail along Lake Washington, which can be quite crowded, but flat therefore worth it. Not to mention the people watching is always entertaining. Also, some of the houses are insane. I mean there really are some people who have tons of money and NO TASTE.

Annnnyway, this particular day was in August and it was easily over eighty degrees out and about a mile into my run I noticed this man riding his bike down the trail and instead of wearing the usual bicyclist uniform of full on spandex he was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. As he got closer I realized he was shouting something at me and I thought maybe he needs directions…although why anybody would need directions on a trail is beyond me, but I turned down the volume on my ipod and here, word for word, is what he was shouting (I could never forget this – it’s etched forever on my brain):

“Hey, Stupid Lady! You think running will make you a better fucker? It won’t! You’re a horrible fucker!”

And that right there is the most exciting run I have been fortunate enough to experience...although, I keep hoping to run into him again.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! that's awesome! i might actually get off my butt and run if i was guaranteed interesting stuff like that!

Bayjb said...

I'm still laughing as I type this. WHO SAYS THAT??? That is the best line ever. Wow this is the third post I've read tonight about getting back in the running routine!

Anonymous said...

HA! Meg!! WTF?! Did he just keep going after this completely ridiculous outburst?! Ohhh man.....

I guess he falls into that "NO TASTE" category? Woof.

Meg Kathleen said...

notsojenny - You should try running! I'm telling you the people watching is unparalleled. One time I was running around Green Lake in Seattle and I saw a homeless man pooping. Good times.

Bayjb - I know! I wish I could have talked to him more to find out what other crazy tidbits he would share.

Trialsoftraining - Oh he kept going, but the words were so slurred I couldn't really understand. I think it was just gibberish.

Anonymous said...

Really? Who says shit like that? And to a completely random person? What an asshat... Ha.