Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was going to write today about gift guides and recycle the age old topic of how utterly difficult my dad is to shop for, but luckily I came across this article that lists literary characters the author would get down and dirty with, which is waaaayyy more interesting than Christmas shopping.

Of course there are a few on the list I disagree with. Specifically - Carlisle Cullen? Puh-lease. If I were to sleep with any character from Twilight it would be Jacob. Who in their right mind would choose Carlisle over Jacob?! And, for that matter, who would choose Edward over Jacob?! You’re a nutjob if you’d pick Edward. I’m sorry if that seems harsh but those are the facts.

However, I wholeheartedly agree with Gilbert Blythe. Oh, how I love him. Nummy. I’m drooling just thinking about it…Rhett Butler is another one. I just think he has to be a-mazing in bed. I can’t believe how stupid Scarlet was to not figure it out. Once again, who in their right mind would pick Ashley Wilkes over Rhett Butler?! SCARLET! I wish I could slap her silly.

I also have one character I would like to add – Laurie from Little Women. I was devastated when he didn’t marry Jo because Jo is a stupid stupid lady (I was going to say bitch, but I don’t hate her that much no matter how hard I try) and married Amy instead. Obviously, Jo didn’t deserve him because she didn’t know what she had and Amy didn’t deserve him because she was a little snot. I might be biased thanks to the fact that he was played by Christian Bale in the movie, but I really did love him in the book. In fact, I refused to finish the book the first time I read it when I realized that Jo wasn’t going to end up with him. Jesus, I’m getting myself all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

So what literary character are you dying to bump uglies with?


Losing It said...

1. Almonzo from the Little House on the Prairie books.
2. James Potter (NOT Harry)

Anonymous said...

the only part of that post i could follow was Rhett v Ashley because i know the movie by heart.
i'm so not a book person.

Elizabeth said...

Is really, really old okay? If so, then Nick from The Great Gatsby.

Anonymous said...

TEAM JACOB FTW! Ha, as of this exact moment, I'd certainly pick Jacob, too. I adore him. For real. I've even told the boyfriend that if Jake were real, I'd dump him for the werewolf. I suppose I'm sad like that, but it's true. And seeing New Moon just made my crush worse, ha.

Jane said...

Yes! Team Jacob! Who wants a cold, marble-skinned vampire when you can do the dirty with a sexy werewolf? Not me!

Other fictional characters? Is Mr. Darcy too cliche? What about... any character Colin Firth has wound up playing in a movie? Does that work?

Bayjb said...

Carlisle? Is that author insane? Sure he's a charming guy but I would take Jacob any day of the week and twice on sunday. I would maybe do carlisle if I was feeling fat and drunk on wine coolers (line from Glee)

Meg Kathleen said...

Losing it - Almonzo, Of course! How did I forget him?

Notsojenny - Oh, you are missing out!

Elizabeth - I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't read The Great Gatsby. BUT I picked it for my book club so I'll find out then if I would do Nick.

Amindinmotown - YEAH! TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAY! I really don't understand Edward fanatics.

Jane - Mr. Darcy is definitely not too cliche. He's flippin' adorable. God, I just love him.

Bayjb - HAHA! So funny. God, I want to have babies with Jacob.

Andy said...

"You’re a nutjob if you’d pick Edward."

EXACTLY. I like boys who give things that sparkle, not boys who sparkle. Ew.