Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smell it!

Yesterday I was surprised at work by Chuckles accompanied by my big sis and my two nephews for lunch! Totally made my day. We went to a nearby brewery where we proceeded to laugh it up at Matthew’s silly faces and grunts. Seriously, those kids never ever cry – it’s so unfair because that can only mean that one day when I have kids they will be the spawn of Beelzebub, but that’s another story for another day.

Jared, who’s four, was eating extremely slowly, even slower than me, which, I assure you, is no small feat. Considering I did have to get back to work I tried to make it into a game with him in an attempt to speed it up. I informed him that I was totally going to finish eating before him to which he scoffed, “Yeah, right, you have like waaaayyy more food on your plate.” Since he didn’t fall for that one…I tried another tactic:

Me: “My bites are sooooo much bigger than yours.”

Jared: “Yeah? Well, I can take super tiny bites. So there!”

He did not fall for any of my tricks what he did fall for though was his mom saying he wouldn’t get any Oreos if he didn’t hurry up and eat his sandwich. Note to self: Bribery always works.

On the way home I sat between the two car seats thereby giving me the perfect position to have a serious conversation with Jared. He had his mitten with him and demanded that I smell the inside of it:

Jared: “Smell it!”

Me: “No, YOU smell it!”

Jared: “No, YOU!”

Me: “YOU!” (I often revert to childish behavior when I am around Jared, we could go on forever like this.)

To my surprise Jared gave in quickly and sniffed the inside of his mitten and announced to the whole car, “It smells GREAT!”

Me: “I have a really hard time believing that…”

Jared: “It does. Smell it. NOW. Smell it. Do it.”

Well, I can’t stand up to that kind of peer pressure so I had to smell it. After I gave it a quick sniff Jared quite eagerly inquired, “Do you like it?” Strange kid I know, but I have to admit it wasn’t so bad.


Laura said...

Whiff of childhood!
At least it wasn't his sock.

Narm said...

I also revert back to being a 4 yr old around my nephews. It is scary. They have actually told ME no before. I was disciplined by a 4 yr old.

Dingo said...

If they could bottle that inside of the mitten smell...ahhhhh!

My nieces and nephew can totally manipulate me. It's what they're supposed to do, right?

Megkathleen said...

Laura - So true! I shudder to think what that smells like.

Narm - I have been too! Jared has repeatedly told me if I don't clean my plate I won't get dessert.

Megkathleen said...

Dingo - You wouldn't be a good aunt if you can't be manipulated.

Andy said...

Yeah, revert psychology always works.

rs27 said...

I walk around with a clothespin on my nose around kids.

Believe me, its easier this way.

Jay said...

I can assure you that after only 6 years of fatherhood, I could likely smell the most rancid thing on the planet and not blink -- all while eating a sandwich.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hahaha, this was so cute and made me laugh. Jared sounds adorable!

Chris said...

When my daughter insists I smell something, unless she's holding a flower or a blanket just out of the dryer, its a good bet to run the other way.

Rachie said...

I love hanging out with other people's children but when they get tired and cranky (kind of like me..) I no longer want them around. Teehee

Alexa said...

kid's say the darndest things - according to me and bill cosby.

happy new year!

Bayjb said...

That is hilarious! When people chant at me to drink or smell something, I usually have to do it. I cave to that kind of peer pressure

Matt said...

Just be thankful the kid wanted you to smell his mitten and not his socks.

Anonymous said... are funny...and so entertaining :)

Angela said...

He's gonna be the crazy uncle one day who says "pull my finger" haha

surviving myself said...

A new scent from CK perhaps?

Kristen said...

It's different when you have a kid yourself. You simply cannot engage in childish arguments because then you've got a situation where the inmates are running the asylum and that's really bad news.

I think you're really brave for smelling the mitten though. Aunties are great for that sort of thing.

Kate said...

Hey - I used to love the smell of my wet wool mittens. Nothing like it in the world!