Monday, December 29, 2008

Are your minds as dirty as mine is?

Thankfully, the snow if finally melting around here and I am able to get around with out getting stuck any time I stray from the main roads. Unfortunately, this snow has meant that I have had to dress “practically” ever since I got back from vacation.

I am not very good at this whole “practical” thing. For example, two years ago I flew to Boston to visit my best friend and celebrate St. Patrick’s day in true Boston fashion and all I brought with me footwear wise was two pairs of high heels and NO socks and it was blizzard conditions when I flew in. Of course, I solved this by buying festive pair of socks with shamrocks to wear with my heels.

What I’m getting at is that I have been dying to wear something other than my stupid tennis shoes (I don’t own appropriate snow boots) and I had finally had it on Christmas Eve. I informed Chuckles that I wasn’t going to let this God. Damn. weather control my life and I was going to wear my cute new booties on Christmas.

Aren’t they cute?! No matter because Chuckles said that he would not spend Christmas with me if I insisted on being a fool and trying my best to break a leg. Also, he said I would have to go to my parents by myself and when they asked where he was I would have to inform them that he refused to join me since I insisted on wearing heels then who would be the FOOL?! I would. Of course, it became a moot point when we woke up to even more snow Christmas morning. I have yet to wear my darling new shoes. Tragic, I know.

The other tragedy was that I got a new game for my birthday called Dirty Minds (I have no idea why anybody would think of me when they see a game called Dirty Minds) and at first I had decided to bring it over for Christmas to test it out…and then I opened it and saw some example questions. Here’s one so you get an idea of what it is. You get three clues and the answer is always clean:

You stick your poles in me.

You tie me down to get me up.

I get wet before you do.

Answer: TENT

After reading some of these I decided I might not be comfortable playing this with my mom and dad. But I can play with you guys!! So here are some for you all to guess what the answer is

I’m a four letter word.

I’m a name for a woman

I end in u-n-t.

If you think the answer is the C-word then you are a dirty dirty birdie.

I get laid in an alley.

I often end up in the middle of your split.

When you slip your fingers in me, I’m ready to roll.

Does anybody have any guesses?


Chris said...

This is fun! First answer is Aunt and I'll leave the second for another intrepid reader.

Maxie said...

aunt and bowling ball!

what what! I rock :-)

LosingIt said...

paris hilton and paris hilton.

do i win?

S. said...

I sweet jeezus. I suck at this game. But I like it ;-)

Jay said...

I find it sad that "Aunt" is an apt answer for both of these for me.

Bayjb said...

I am super dirty because I did think for a minute about the c-word. I'm awful. Also, those booties are fierce. You go girl.

Elizabeth said...

Haha! Someone brought this to my dorm sophomore year--it was hilarious! I prefer Loaded Questions adult version though.

Dingo said...

Does either answer involve those rockin' booties? I love them! I think if you wore those booties to your parents house in the middle of a snow storm, it might distract them from the sexual innuendo and high school humor of Dirty Minds.

BTW, was someone trying to suggest something by giving you that game?

Andy said...

Hahahahaha!! I NEED to buy this game. NEED.

Answers : Aunt and... I don't know.

*chhecks previous answers*

Oh, bowling ball.

Anonymous said...

those other ones were easy but i have no clue on that last one

Kristen said...

I'm still going with my original answer.

Cunt for the win!!!

what is your styleosophy said...

great styleosophy!!

Matt said...

I'm with Kristen!

Cunt for the win!!!

Amy said...

Of course it took me a while to come up with Aunt...I kept getting cunt and couldn't think of anything else that would work :P

And I got bowling ball through txting friends and finally cluing in (you'd think once working at a bowling alley would help right? wrong)

I loved the tent one...hahahaha.

Keep it up. I love your posts dearly.

Rachie said...

I'm lost. Really lost.

Pam said...

That game is hilarious. One of my friends got it for another friend in high school and we couldn't stop giggling long enough to actually play it.

And yes, those booties are so cute. I hope you get to wear them soon!

Anonymous said...

Lol! My roommates and I have this game, and I still didn't know the answer until I read some comments :).

The boots are fabulous! I love ankle boots :)

emmysuh said...

For a moment, I thought I NEEDED that game, but then after reading the ones you gave us, I realized it would be no good. My mind is always brimming with That's What She Said and other dirty jokes, so I would never get past the dirty hints to guess an answer.