Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why Must I Be a Poor Student?

I’ve been window shopping all morning on the interwebs, which is alternating making me happy to look at all the pretty clothes and sad that I have no money to buy any of them, but a girl can dream right? So I thought why not make everybody suffer with me! I have a Christmas party this Friday and while I will wear some old dress or skirt I’ve had for years here’s what I wish I was wearing:

I LOVE this Octopus bracelet from Anthropologie. Of course, it is way over my jewelry budget at $198, but I think you could wear it with a simple LBD and black shoes and it would make the whole outfit interesting instantly. I love fun accessories for that reason alone.

I think this 7 for all Mankind Asymmetrical dress would be perfect for holiday parties – Simple with just a little bit of embellishment on the shoulder. I would definitely wear a skinny black belt around the waist to give it a bit of shape.

And to complete it a pair of simple black pumps by Michael Antonio with a ruffle along the edge. Surprisingly, these are affordable at $50, but they don’t have my size. (My bank account is grateful.)

Well, that’s my dream outfit for this Friday night. What are you lusting after this holiday season?


Dingo said...

I got an idea! Enlarge the bracelet on the school library copier and tape it to your wrist. Artsy, frugal, and it will be the talk of the office! In a good way, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

i'm with you on adding the belt... i hate feeling like a potato sack.
and the shoes... love!!
i saw a pair of shoes in DSW on the clearance rack the other day and i was just wishing for somewhere to wear them! i WISH i had something fancy to dress up for this holiday

Bayjb said...

I'm so intrigued by that bracelet and how the hell it's $198. Then I saw Anthropologie and was like, "nope nope that sounds right." Still love it though

Anonymous said...

Almost $200 for a bracelet? You need your head examined! Ha.

I'm lusting after more than you can imagine right now. It's kind of sad really...